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Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Established Fabrication Process

Marvin Metals has a well established fabrication process which includes:

     • Saw cutting
     • Plasma burn
     • Oxy-fuel
     • Shearing
     • Braking
     • Drilling
     • Grinding
     • Welding

We specialize in fabricating carbon steel beams, columns, knee braces, bar grading, expanded metal, stairs, ladders, and handrails.

The range of equipment we have available gives us diversified fabrication capabilities. We service many types of customers throughout Wisconsin and the United States.

  Fabricating and Welding Capabilities
Metal Fabrication
Production Equipment
Press Brake
350 Ton - Plate 3/8" x 12', 1/2" x 10', 10' x 4" clear
@ 90° Bend
Saws and Drills
Band Saw: 22" x 18" with 60° mitre
Marvin Metals Fabrication and Welding
Iron Worker
110 ton dual station Max. Capacity at Both Ends
Angle Shear: 6" x 6" x 1/2" Max with 45° miter capacity
Bar Shear: 5/8” x 24” flat bar up to 1”x12” flat bar Max.
Round Rod: 2" Max.
Square Bar: 2" Max.
Punch: 1 5/16" Diameter in A36 Plate Max
Plasma Arc
Australian Made Farley with water bladder
Up to 2" plate
Watertable Size - 10' x 20’ Max. (Power source is a Hypertherm
HPR 400 amp High speed machine utilizing Pronest Software.)
Marvin Metals Fabrication and Welding
Hydraulic Plate Shears
Plate: 3/8"; up to 12' Max.
Pipe Bender
3/4" Dia. Thru 1-1/2" Dia. Sch. 40;
Marvin Metals Fabrication and Welding
Mechanical Plate Roll
Plate 3/16" x 6'
10" Minimum Diameter
Miscellaneous Equipment
Two Belt Sanders
Horizontal Milling Machine for coping handrails
Marvin Metals Fabrication and Welding
Hydraulic Punches
13/16" x 1/2" flange punch
Airless Graco
50' x 30' Paint Room
Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Material Handling Equipment
5,000 lb. YALE
3,000 lb. YALE
8,000 lb. CLARK
Overhead Cranes
5 ton capacity with 40' x 130'
coverage with 140" under the hook
7 1/2 Ton 80' x 120' coverage with 26' Hook height
5 ton 80' x 120' coverage with 26' Hook height
50 amp Plasm Torch
100 amp Plasm Torch
Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication
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Metal Fabrication
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